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Values of investments will go up and down, they always do

Values of investments will go up and down, they always do. Values consistently go up over long periods of time, they always have. We strongly believe in investing in a hugely diversified mix of the great companies of the world. If all the great companies of the world go bust together, we better get used to growing our own food and bartering. Optimism in the great advance is the only reality. Take advantage of temporary price drops and buy assets when on sale. Automate your investment process so you do not have to think too much about it. Worry less about investments and rely on CLL as your behaviour coach in the hard times. Stay invested when others are not. Rebalancing a mix of assets means you will be selling high and buying low when others will do the opposite, this is carried out all the time automatically. We cannot guarantee top performance all the time as no one can. Long term sensible investing will help you reach your goals, and this is what we believe top performance is. We use external investment professionals who have robust processes and who are consistent in approach and character. We use a risk assessment process that takes your own views into account. Consider reducing debt, protecting your family and future income before you invest.


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